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Nicola Vincent-Abnett
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Thursday 15 January 2015


Yes, it’s been a while... It’s been quite a long while.

I’m sorry I’ve been so absent, but life has rather taken over in the past couple of months. I’m generally a very open person. I talk freely on this blog about my thoughts and feelings on a wide range of subjects, and sometimes that includes life’s big events. There are subjects that I don’t talk about, though, at least not while I’m in the middle of things. 

Enough of all that, and back to the blog.

There is change afoot.

I began this blog when I had some success with my novel Naming Names. You all know that the whole thing began three years ago on February 4th 2012, with my first post in which I wrote about the book being shortlisted for the inaugural Mslexia novel writing competition.

Today I am writing my final blog here.

It has taken three years, but I have finally signed my first contract for an independent novel. I have sold Savant to Solaris Books, and you will all be able to read it when it hits the bookshelves early in 2016.

It’s all rather exciting. I’m looking forward to taking another pass at the book with the editor, and I’m thrilled that Jonathan Oliver has such faith in it. It’s a novel that’s full of ideas and themes that are close to my heart.

Tata! See you on the other side.
As for the blog? Well, I began as an amateur, and it’s time for a change. By chance, or fate, or happenstance, I was having problems with Google, and after I had struggled with it, and everyone that could help me out had struggled with it, I took my computer to my local shop. The lovely tech there couldn’t get to the bottom of my problems either, despite spending a huge amount of time and effort on them. He was lovely, and he’s a web designer. So, the good news is, I’ve employed him to build me a proper website, complete with a spangly new blog.

There will be all sorts of exciting stuff and things on the new site, and, with a bit of luck all you lovely readers will be able to find all the things you want at the click of a mouse without having to trawl through scads of crap... That’s the plan, anyway.

It’s out with the old and in with the new.

This blog will be disappearing in about a fortnight, so fill your boots while it’s here, and then I’ll be back with something new. The new website will probably look quite different from this homespun blog, but I’m guessing that the content of my regular posts won’t change very much. This old leopard isn’t terribly likely to change her spots.

And don’t worry, even if the site disappears from the ether, I keep, on file, every post I write, so nothing’s lost for ever. Who knows, I might even take requests and re-post some of the most popular blogs from the past three years when the new website’s up and running.

I’ll be back before you know it, but until then, I hope 2015 is treating you all very well!