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Nicola Vincent-Abnett
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Tuesday 18 June 2013

Guest Blog # 1

The two of us

Nik’s not well, so it’s me, the husband, writing today’s blog, in between providing cups of tea and soothing words. Given the regularity of Nik’s blog posts, I thought it was a good idea to step up and post something today before people start to wonder what’s happened.

Nik is remarkably frank in her blog posts, so you’ll know about her bi-polar disorder. She’s had one of her episodes and is feeling very low, but she’ll be back to her snarky self again soon, without a doubt.

Stepping in to provide the first guest blog ever on her site, I am reminded of the efficiency and energy she puts into blogging. This is what a proper blog looks like. I’ve had my own for seven or eight years, and it has a decent throughput, but I manage to blog at best only every few weeks (sometimes it’s even less often than that). I also blog about events and work, and virtually never stray into the realms of the personal. I am always impressed at the frequency of Nik’s blogposts, at the way she disseminates her blog through Twitter and FaceBook, and the sheer discipline of producing something on an almost daily basis. What is even more impressive is the quality of the material she produces. It’s not vacuous waffle publicising this, that or the other, it’s almost always frank, political, surprisingly insightful, controversial and far more personal than most bloggers dare to be. I presume that is why she attracts so many repeat readers. Her blog is a proper open discourse with the World; she is the person that she appears to be from her posts. I wonder how many bloggers you can say that about.

Nik has just recently posted her 400th blog, which is quite a landmark, especially given the timeframe and the sustained personal engagement of those blogs. If you’re going to talk to the World on a daily basis, you’d better have something to say or you’re just adding to the noise. I often don’t, which is why I don’t do it that regularly. I think Nik always does, which is why I felt you might miss her if she went quiet for a while. If you want proof of the range and candour of her output (and her snarkiness) here are six of my favourite posts.


  1. "Life and Deadlines" is one of her best and is why I started following you both...

    As for Nik being ill: Carry on brother, you are doing it right.

    At least she admits it. Worship her for that.
    The former Mrs. Dean never did and refused help...

  2. How lovely to be a guest. Forgive me, bring back the Sister...

  3. Very sorry to hear about Nik. 'A Matter of Life and Deadlines' is my all-time favourite and I hope she can return to her usual snarkiness as soon as possible.

    Much love from the McElligott boys.


  4. egads, hope the tag-team partner is feeling better soon. still, it's always nice to talk to a person who gives a shit about something so I'm sure you'll make a fine temp ;)

    got any snarks lurking yourself?