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Nicola Vincent-Abnett
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Sunday 17 June 2012

Don't Do as I Do...

Well... Today was a total wash out.
I put my hands up.
I should have been writing. I intended to write, and what came out? Bugger all.
These days are few and far between for me, thank goodness, and I’ve had such a happy few weeks that I’m tempted to let this one slide. In fact, I couldn’t be less stressed about it.
I don’t suffer from writer’s block. That nonsense is for other people.
It does make me wonder, though. I must seem like a nightmare to all of you. I’m forever saying that if you only work harder and learn more, and apply yourself and have higher than average expectations, you might one day stand a chance of making something of yourself, and here am I at teatime on Fathers’ Day, and I still haven’t written my daily blog, let alone contributed anything to the chapter that I had planned to work on today.
How on Earth can I expect you to strive if I can manage to dawdle through a day like I did today?
I even sent the husband out with the daughter. They went shopping, and came home several hours later with all sorts of good things, including wondrous gifts, wrapped in tissue paper and packaged in boxes, just for me, and what had I done, having shooed them out of the door so that they didn’t distract me from my afternoon of hard at work?
I’ll tell you what I’d done.
I’d drunk three cups of coffee and a large glass of lemonade. I’d been to the loo three times, because of drinking too much. I’d spent an hour on Youtube and sent the husband a groovy link. I’d spent another hour researching a possible career for the daughter, even though I knew she wouldn’t be remotely interested in it, and then I spent an hour on-line window shopping for footwear.
This, ladies and gentlemen, is today’s example of how not to do as I do, but to do as I say.
Off you go, and be productive, while I decide on those shoes.


  1. Maybe we shouldn't be so hard on ourselves and schedule the odd day off!

  2. /Agree

    You can't be productive in any line of work 7 days a week for very long. Even the most dedicated to their craft must occasionally step away from the work they do and poke their heads into the real world, if only to remind themselves why they do the work they do.