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Thursday 5 July 2012

When Sex Sells

It’s true.
I have irrefutable evidence that sex sells... well... pretty much anything, and certainly words.
I cast a glance over my blog stats this morning, like you do... OK, well I do. I found out, in a  discussion with the husband, that, as it turns out, not everyone does this. He didn’t even know he had stats attached to his blog, and he’s never looked at them. I’m going to check them out later, mostly so that, once more, I can 
a) be impressed by the lovely husband and
b) turn a delicate shade of green with just a hint of professional envy 
(I know... I know... When I learn to work as hard as he does, I might be entitled to a share of the success. Smiles).
Anyway, I cast a glance over my stats to find that my most visited posts this month were titled, in reverse order:
And yes, you guessed it, at number
The titles of these blogs were not a cynical ploy on my part to expand my readership; that way madness lies. There is no point sucking people in only to have them leave after one post because they’re actually not interested in anything I might have to say.
What if people come because of the titles and stay because it turns out they do like what I say, though? What if the sex does the selling, but people still want to buy the nuts and bolts? Is this simply good advertising practice?
Here’s the thing, though. My most visited posts since I began blogging were titled, in reverse order:
And yes, you guessed it, at number
You see, I was going to make a point about things balancing out in the end. I’m mostly writing about writing, and, over the course of my blog, which now runs to 155 posts, people mostly want to read about writing. There’s just that one little fly in the ointment... Or is there? 
The top slot in both lists is taken by a post that has both writing and sex in the title, so, who knows, perhaps that’s the trick.
So, from now on, you can expect all of my post to have titles that cleverly reference both writing and sex... Or not.

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