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Wednesday 2 January 2013

That Monday Feeling

Every day is pretty well like every other day around here. There isn’t much of a distinction between the average Tuesday and the average Saturday. We do impose some differences, because otherwise we really would work all the time, but, mostly one day can be pretty much like another, especially now that we don’t have kids at home and in school.

I do love the weekends, though, especially Sundays. I do love the fact that there are vastly fewer interruptions from e-mail and phone calls at the weekends, and, on Sundays, there isn’t even snail-mail to deal with. Of course, that doesn’t stop either one of us working on a Saturday or a Sunday. We work a lot, but you know that, don’t you?

I’ve never suffered from that Monday feeling. I’ve never gone to bed on Sunday night dreading waking up; it’s never been in my nature, never been part of my make-up, not my biorhythm. The husband, on the other hand...

The husband isn’t a fan of Monday mornings. There’s no particular rhyme or reason to it; he just doesn’t like them, and they don’t like him. He struggles. He can’t explain it, it simply is.

It was New Year’s day yesterday, and I’ve already spoken about New Year’s Eve and the sadness I always feel at this time of year. I know that most people look forward to seeing in the New Year. I know that most people look forward to the party. Heck, most people look forward to any party. Me? I see the sad.

The same is true for the husband and New Year’s day. Not for him the pleasures of a clean slate. Not for him the joy of waking up feeling fresh and new, with the World at his feet and only good things ahead of him.

No. For the husband, New Year’s Day represents the biggest, nastiest, most threatening Monday morning... EVER!

We had a lovely evening on New Year’s Eve. We ate supper with my brother and his family, and with Lily and Thomas, and we played games until midnight. We toasted one another, and then we headed happily home.

The husband and I toasted again when we got home, with a bottle of bubbles, and went to sleep for the first time in our newly delivered bed.

Of course, in the end, we did get through the biggest Monday of the year, yesterday, a Tuesday, and I expect we’ll do it again next year and the year after that, and for many years to come.

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