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Saturday 25 June 2016

The EU Referendum part ii

I lack the time today to be precise or coherent, but I had an idea, and I wanted to share it, so forgive me.
Just one woman's thoughts
(photo by James K Barnett)

It was nothing to how I felt in the early hours of Friday morning with my ear piece in, listening to the results of the election on the BBC.

Weren’t we all horrified?

It turns out that the ‘Leavers’ with their anti-establishment protests votes were horrified too. They didn’t expect or even want this result either.

How can anyone believe that their vote doesn’t count or doesn’t matter? Could it be because they have never been taught that the vote is a right, a privilege and a responsibility?

I have a solution to the problem… You knew I’d come up with something, right?

The downside is that it requires humility… Humility on the part of the politicians, the leaders. So you know it’s never going to happen.

I think, at this point, the leaders of all the major parties, including the SNP, should stand together and announce, in solidarity, that they are going to revoke the referendum. As I understand it, there is no legal reason why a referendum has to be acted upon. I think they should put out a joint statement explaining their reasons for coming to this decision, and then I think they should make citizenship classes compulsory in all schools.

Of course, I could be wrong, but I’ve seen too many vox-pops of ‘Leavers’ who didn’t understand the implications of what they were doing, who didn’t foresee the outcome, and who now deeply regret their decision.

Let them claim ignorance, and let’s fix that. At this point, I doubt there are very many people who would throw their arms up in horror. Those who would are in that vociferous minority of people who genuinely are racist and xenophobic, and it’s time we educated them, too.

The public has spoken… But they mis-spoke, and I suspect that they know it.

I am European!

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