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Monday 20 February 2012

A Girding of Loins

Now that I’ve decided and declared that I’m a writer (publicly, on this very blog), it behooves me to prove it... Not by writing, but by securing representation for my work.

I’m on the hunt for an agent.
I’ve dissected The Writers' and Artists' Yearbook. I’ve read any number of internet articles by agents, and I’ve consulted my writer friends. I’ve also taken to following several agents on Twitter. (I’m @N_VincentAbnett, in case you’re interested).
This morning, I took delivery of From Pitch to Publication, and I have been ploughing through it for answers to the many questions that boil down to one thing, “How do I impress an agent?”
I could submit to any of a dozen agents that I haven’t submitted to before, and, according to some sources, I could submit to more than one at a time, although I’m still a little wary of doing that. The truth is, though, right now, I want to submit to one person. 
Carole Blake of Blake Friedmann, who wrote “From Pitch to Publication” and who tweets as @caroleagent is going to be hearing from me in the not too distant future. She writes forthright but entertaining answers to the big questions about finding an agent, and she doesn’t generalise; she says what she likes. I respect that. She also twitters, sometimes long into the night, about what she’s doing, and about what’s going on in her industry. She is pithy, engaged and appears to work very long hours; in other words, she’s a woman after my own heart.
If Carole Blake is representative of agents everywhere, I should have no problem finding one with whom I can work productively and happily for a considerable time to come. 
I’m off, right now, to follow her instructions on how to submit to an agent.

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