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Nicola Vincent-Abnett
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Wednesday 8 February 2012

T-minus-7 Days and Counting

It is now exactly one week until Mslexia announces the winner of its novel competition, and you might have gathered, by now, that my little book, “Naming Names” made it onto the shortlist. “No! Really?” I hear you ask.
I’m so happy that there are only fifteen days between the shortlist being announced and the prize being given, any longer and my obsession with this process would begin to look very, very sad.
I have been so caught up in being shortlisted that I had totally forgotten Valentine’s Day! It isn’t a very big deal in our house, but we do usually manage to produce cards for each other, and the husband is always generous with gifts and flowers, and, of course, he’s a fine cook, too. 
When I realised that there is less than a week between now and Valentine’s Day, and needing a humbling distraction from the Mslexia prize, I checked out Valentine’s Day suggestions on the web. I found this at le Creuset. 
Dear reader, I entered this competition. It gave me the opportunity to be pithy - amusing even - and I got the chance to celebrate my feelings for the husband in 500 characters or fewer.
The competition closes on February 14th.
If I could win only one of these competitions, I know which I’d rather it be, but, I suppose, the very pretty le Creuset pans would make for a decent booby prize. 

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