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Tuesday 25 September 2012

All You Lovely Readers

We all know that I write this blog on a more-or-less daily basis, but what I often forget is that some people actually read it on a daily basis... or even at all. Yes, I know I check the stats, and I know that the numbers keep ticking over, but I still don’t really believe that people actually read my little posts, or that they take notice of the drivel that I spout.

I don’t actually believe that people are interested in the nonsense that springs unformed to my mind in the moments of madness or banality that I devote to this task on a more-or-less daily basis.

I really, really love that you do, though.

I was at GamesDay UK 2012 on Sunday, hence the lack of a post for the past couple of days... awfully busy, don’t you know. I realise that some of you know exactly what that is, and that some of you don’t have a clue; I’ll just mention that it was a big, public event where I got to meet a lot of people, and leave it at that, except to say that quite a number of the people I met mentioned that they read my blog on a regular basis. (Hello Readers!)

I found myself apologising. I found myself squirming slightly the first couple of times this happened.

During the morning, I saw a number of staffers, too, and some writers, and some of them also mentioned that they read my blog. Crikey! Real people with real jobs, and very real people with writing careers take real time to read my daily meanderings through my mind-crap. How the hell did that happen?

These very same people were mostly smiling and pleasant, and they said positive things about what I wrote. They talked about the ‘guilty pleasure’ of it. One person even said that one of my blogs about my brother had caused him to phone his sister. I gulped a little bit. After the tenth or twelfth smile and acknowledgement, I learnt to stop apologising. I hadn’t made anyone sit and read my blog; these lovely people had chosen to take a look at it in the first place, and, having read one post, had decided, of their own free will, to return for more helpings of my musings.

Gosh it’s awfully nice to be liked and accepted and appreciated. It gives a girl a little glow. I do hope I’m worth it.

I would say that as a result of meeting some of my very splendid readers I’ll try to be nicer and to snark less, but I have a sneaking feeling that’s not what you’re all after. I have a sneaking suspicion that one of the things you really like about me is the snark... And, since I’m a convert to having a readership, and since my head has been turn and my ego massaged by all the lovely things people said to me over the weekend, who knows, maybe tomorrow there’ll be room for a snark... just maybe.

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  1. Snark away! And good luck with the swimming this week. ;-)