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Wednesday 15 August 2012

If I needed a reason to blog

There was a lot to do today, and, thankfully, I have managed to do most of it.

The high point of my day, though, was meeting up with Sara. I think I might have mentioned Sara before; she’s an artist friend of mine, and you can find her work over here. She is a busy woman, running a thriving business and making a lot of very good art, and, once in a while, when our schedules coincide, we manage to eat lunch together. That happened today.

We were talking about all sorts of things when the subject of this blog came up.

Sara commented that she feels very much in touch with me, because it is her daily routine to check her mail and then read my blog. As a consequence, I always feel like there’s lots and lots to catch up on, but she generally has a pretty good idea what’s going on in my life. She has also begun to see just how addictive the internet can become, and how easy it is to start to think that you know someone very well, who you might not actually know at all. Yes, obviously, Sara does know me, but what if she was reading the blog of a woman she’d never met? She wondered how long it would be before she began to feel as if she actually did know her. I thought it a very interesting point.

Anyway, as some of you might have noticed, I have failed, once or twice, of late, to write a blog. One or two days in the past two or three weeks have passed without a new blog appearing on these pages. It was always my intention to write a daily blog, so I have been a little disappointed in myself, and I have told myself that I must do better.

What I didn’t realise was that me missing a day might make the slightest difference to any of you.

If I ever needed a reason to write a daily blog it is this:

Sara was able to tell me, in detail, the ten day weather forecast for Kent.

Sara was able to do this because, when a new blog didn’t appear for her to read a couple of days ago, she clicked on the long-range weather forecast for her e-mail provider and spent ten minutes reading that instead.

Frankly, I was horrified.

So, Sara, I will endeavour to write my daily blog... you know... daily! And, if it should happen that I don’t quite manage it, scroll down to the bottom of this page to ‘my blog list’ or nip over to the right hand side to my bullet-pointed chums, of whom you are one, and dig around until you find something you like. Trust me, every single link will take you to something more interesting than a weather forecast... guaranteed.

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