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Monday 17 December 2012

Dance for Christmas Joy!

So this is the last full week before Christmas, and, back in the day, there was lots to do about this time of the year.

One of my favourite things was the school concert, and, some years, we actually got to go to two, because the girls were at different schools, and because the husband was Chair of Governors for a local school.

I bloody love a good Carol concert.

That is not to say that all Carol concerts were created equal, but lets not pretend that some of the worst Carol concerts, some of the least well rehearsed junior choirs didn’t produce some of the most charming results if they were enthusiastic enough.

The husband resigned his Chair when he succumbed to epilepsy three years ago, and we didn’t have a child in school last year, so we’ve rather missed out, of late. This year, our younger dort is in dance college, and so, of course, there was a Christmas dance recital to go to. What more could we possibly want?

The dort has been working very hard. She has been battered and bruised. She has been dropped and she has even broken a bone, albeit, thankfully, it’s just a toe. She is exhausted, but her body is rock hard and good to go. It is impossible to imagine being quite as fit as she has become over the past three months.

Thirty kids danced for two hours last Saturday afternoon in a theatre in Leicester, after running a technical rehearsal for two hours in the morning, and then they ran the show again an hour later for a second evening performance... And that takes some doing.

Honestly, when the dort’s on the stage, it’s hard to watch anyone else. Her timing is extraordinary, her lines are beautiful, she has amazing core strength, and, on top of all that, she can sell a dance like no one else can; the girl can really perform!

It’s always a thrill to witness creativity in its purest forms. It’s always a privilege to watch the right person in the right job, doing it well, making it look natural, effortless and stunning. She could have done anything; she said herself that she was ‘supposed to go to university’, but I’m very glad that she’s doing this, and I can’t help thinking that she’s going to make a huge success of it.

I might not have been to a Carol concert this year, but the Addict Dance Academy Christmas Recital was a huge treat and quite the highlight of this festive season so far. If that’s the sort of show they can put on after one term, heaven only knows what they’ll be capable of by they time they’ve completed their training.

Bravo and well done to all of them!

Students of Addict Dance Academy

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