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Sunday 23 December 2012

So... About Christmas...

Time to pop my head up over the parapet, I think.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I’m not about to complain. I do, after all, have the life of Riley, but it hasn’t been the best three weeks, and now, here we are, a couple of days from Christmas, and I’m still only managing a couple of active hours a day.

Thank heavens, then, for other people.

The husband has been a little wonder, doing all those organising thingies that need doing, and sorting out all those little domestic chores. So, the wood store is full, all the Christmas groceries were delivered yesterday, and everyone has been shopped for (I know because I have managed to wrap presents, sitting in bed, and yes the husband did also remember to buy all the wrapping essentials). 

Lily dancing with decorations
Today, apparently, he’s doing the hoovering and cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms.

The kids are also home, which has cheered me up immeasurably, and I have been escorted shopping in very short bursts by various members of my family to do the bits of shopping that I need to do personally; the dort’s boyfriend has been delegated today, but she’s had her turn too, and so has the brother and his girlfriend, and, of course, the husband. Every body has been wonderful in my hour (or should I say three weeks) of need, and I consider myself properly blessed!

In many ways it hasn’t felt a lot like Christmas, because I haven’t done it myself this year, but if ever the Christmas spirit was extended in my direction, if ever the message of good will to all men applied it was here and now, and I’m very glad that it did, because without it there would be no Christmas in this house this year.

So thank you, all, for rallying round and doing all that needed to be done, while I sat on my arse being pathetic. I promise that it won’t happen next year!

Oh, and special thanks to Thomas for getting the tree into its pot, and to Lily for dressing it. It took a while, what with all the dancing about, but it was well worth the wait!

Lily's finished Christmas tree!

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