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Saturday 30 March 2013

Rest and Recreation and a Happy Anniversary to US!

Wow! It’s been a busy blogging week.

I’ve written six thousand words on four topics in five days. 

I’ve written those words over my first cups of tea on those five days. Then I’ve spent the rest of those days doing real work, writing my latest novel, which is now crashing hard against its deadline. The husband is also working to deadlines... two of them, in fact. Some novelists might only manage six thousand words a week on their latest novel, and I’m writing that in addition to my paid work. I must be some kind of crazy.

I’ve written about writing, about bad hotels and about two very personal topics, sexuality and bi-polar disorder this week. 

I’ve opened a vein, or two, and let you have a couple of pints of the good stuff.

I’m happy to do it, because, do you know what? It’s good for me, too. 

I don’t plan my blogs. I never know, until the morning I write them, which is almost always the morning I post them, what they’re going to be about or what I’m going to say. This week just happened to be a very heavy load.

I do hope I haven’t put any of you off. Perhaps it’s just my time to ruminate. We all do that from time to time, and I do it more than most.

Having ruminated, and having shared, it feels like time to rest.

Danie Ware at Forbidden Planet took this fab photo of us
It’s a bank holiday weekend, and, for me... for us... it’s rather a special one. The husband and I were married nine years ago this weekend. We eloped to Birmingham, and yes, I know that doesn’t sound like the most romantic destination in the World, but there you have it.

How we came to be married twenty-two years after first meeting is rather a romantic story, too, I think, and one I might share, one of these days. I seem to tell the World everything else, one way or another. Smiles.

The husband and I always celebrate our anniversary over the Easter weekend. Every year, we talk about taking those four days away somewhere, but it hasn’t happened yet. Having our anniversary over a special weekend does mean that we never forget it, though, and it does, somehow, make it feel special. No one else has their anniversary on a weekend every year. It’s the same for my birthday. I was born on Christmas Eve, and that’s always a holiday in our house... Well, of course it is!

So, I’m going to finish my novel, and I’m going to spend whatever time the husband can spare in his wonderful company, and we’re going to eat and drink and talk, and do other stuff. 

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If you miss the blog over the next couple of days, and I will, almost certainly, be back before you know it... probably on Tuesday... Do take another look at one of these offerings, or another of your favourites, or check out my blog roll...

... And I’ll see you on the other side... Fatter and happier.

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. happy weekend, happy easter and happy anniversary to a killer team! GO TEAM! :D *cues confetti blizzard*

  2. Happy Anniversary