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Saturday 14 June 2014

Image is Everything

OK... It’s not everything, not in all cases, but it can go a damned long way to getting the job done.

I banged on quite a lot about the Dort being in the Addict Initiative and making it through the rounds of Britain’s Got Talent and into the live final. They’re great dancers and performers and they did a wonderful job.

There was a good deal more to their act than dancing, though. The whole thing wouldn’t have worked nearly so well if it hadn’t been for costume and make-up.
the Dort is on the right

We haven’t talked about this before.

I thought I’d talk about it today.

Britain’s Got Talent obviously had a hair and makeup department, and wardrobe. They weren’t, however, prepared to deal with one act consisting of twenty-six individuals. They didn’t have the time or the resources. 

They left it up to the crew. You might think that put the Addict Initiative at a disadvantage, but it actually gave them control over their choices, and they spent more time and energy on their look by doing it themselves than might otherwise have been the case... At least one of them did.

Of course for the audition, they had to make their own choices anyway, and that worked out just fine.

I’ve talked before about creative types often being interested in more than one aspect of the arts. I’ve talked about my own interest in art. I’ve talked about the husband being a musician. I know writers, artists and musicians who are cultural polymaths. It’s not unusual.

The Dort, who is a dancer, is also a singer and an actor. More than that, she’s an artist, and a pretty damned good one. She likes to apply her talents in the most practical ways. So, if you saw the final of Britain’s Got Talent and you saw twenty-three swamp things with painted faces, then it’s worth knowing that the Dort was responsible for all that art. 
The dort created this face for Halloween,
She also tinted her own purple hair

Between run throughs, tech rehearsals and interviews, the Dort spent last Saturday doing makeup for herself and the other twenty-two dancers performing as the swamp surrounding Hansel and Gretel. It’s not the first time she’s been put in charge of makeup for the crew and it won’t be the last. 

When big hair’s required, or colours or styles, she can put in a weave or a tint, and she can braid and curl and primp, and... well... you name it.

She’s pretty useful with a needle and thread, too, so she’s a dab-hand with costumes. When the Dort isn’t on the stage dancing, she’s backstage working on the image that goes with the performance.

Image isn’t everything, but to look like this takes some doing! 

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