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Nicola Vincent-Abnett
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Sunday 29 September 2013

Live Blog #1

I guess, strictly speaking, that all blogs are live blogs. I write them and I post them, and they’re about the thoughts that I’m having.

Today’s a little bit special, though, because today is GamesDay UK 2013, and that only happens once a year.

We’ve breakfasted, laughed about Diehard 7: Jury’s Inn with Phil Collins in the Bruce Willis role and the theme tune Coming in the Air Tonight and we’ve had the very surreal experience of that very tune beginning to play, as if by magic, two seconds after it was mentioned. The husband, Graham McNeill and Anthony Reynolds riffed on the elevator pitch and they set the budget. They decided they could probably bring it in for around the ten million mark. 

You’ve got to admire their ambition.

We’ve broken half the rules of the NIA, because we had no idea which door we were actually supposed to entire by, we’ve had Claudia’s event briefing, the guys are sitting down, the sharpies have been deployed, and the doors are open!

It’s a smaller, more select event this year, and the writers have a signing room and a seminar room all of their own, which is all rather splendid. I suspect that any minute now things are going to spring into action, but for the moment, it’s the real diehard fans who’ve made it to the head of the queue!

The Early Birds!
And that's the husband, under the window centre left

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