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Nicola Vincent-Abnett
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Sunday 29 September 2013

Live Blog #3

So, if that was it, we’ve had!

Another GamesDay UK is over!

It was a blast.

We got to see people and say hi, shake hands and sign stuff... and things.

We had a chat or two with some fabulous folks and we even hatched a plot or two for future projects. A wonderful time was had by us, and, I hope by some of you, too.

It’s all over too quickly, though, isn’t it? There just isn’t quite enough time or attention to go around. I found myself wanting to talk longer to people, and I even realised that all I managed for some old friends and acquaintances was a nod or a smile or a wave from a distance, and that’s not really good enough now is it?

So here’s a thing. The barriers have gone down on GamesDay UK 2013. literally:
you see... blue shirts disassembling barriers.

It’s over, and we’re sorry to say goodbye...

But it’s not the end as we know it. 

Next month... come November... On the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd, so not long now, The Black Library is hosting a weekender at the Belfry Hotel, Nottingham.

There will be two full days of stuff and things, and both of us will be taking part in... well... some of those bits of stuff and some of those wondrous things. We’ll also be on hand for all of both days to join in with other stuff and things, generally, and to stop to chat and actually spend some time and attention on you.

If you haven’t already bought tickets to the event, I happen to know that there are still a few available. So, make haste... Go on... You know you want to, and, what’s more, I want you to, and you know that’s always got to count for something... Right?


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