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Saturday 1 February 2014

I don’t do Quizzes on FaceBook...

 ...Or games or any of that silly stuff. Frankly, I don’t have the time.

I have, however, always wondered what the hell I was put on this Earth for. Everyone has a purpose, right? Well, I never did find out what mine was. Jack of all trades, master of sod-all: that’s me.

I was the kid that could get by. I could do pretty well anything. I’ve never been predisposed to do the things I’m not good at, so I never learned certain skills, but that’s probably a blog (or a horror story) for another day. Like I said, though, I get by.

I have agonised, many times, over what I should do, over who I should be, over who I am, or I would have done those last two things if I was the sort of  person who identified who they were with what they did. Anyway I never worked out what that 'doing' thing should be for me.

Part of the reason for this is, of course, the husband. The husband so totally is what he does that the two are utterly indivisible. If the husband wasn’t a writer he’d be... he’d be... Well what on Earth would he be? You tell me! I’ve known the husband since he was sixteen and he was a writer then and he’s a writer now, and he was as much a writer then as he is now... He just is.

I love that he is what he is, and I love that he gets to be what he is. Everyone should be that lucky, although in my experience luck has very little to do with it. It does rather leave me questioning what I am, though. I know who I am. I know who I am in ways that he will probably never really know who he is, but that’s not the point of this blog, either.

So, I don’t take FaceBook quizzes... I really don’t take FaceBook quizzes. I’m rather tired of FaceBook, as it happens. It’s all a bit fatuous really, and sometimes navel-gaze-y. It isn’t pithy enough or interesting enough and there isn’t the time to interact with it properly. I don’t know... I often wonder if it’s run its course. More than once I’ve considered deleting my FaceBook account, and then I remember that there are people there that I’d miss and would struggle to keep up with, because my strongest link to them is damned, bloody FaceBook, and so I stay.

I never take FaceBook quizzes.

I still don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing with my life... not really. Yes, I know I’ve written some books, but I vacillate. I’ve published some stuff, but it always seems to be for other people. I’ve written my own stuff, but I can’t get arrested for it. Grrr.

I struggle with the whole thing.

I never, ever take FaceBook quizzes.

I’m writing a book right now, and it looks like I might be about to be contracted for another. The husband reminded me of an idea for a book that I had at least a couple of years ago and now I want to write that, too... No one will ever publish it. Game of Thrones dialled down, he calls it. I call it, ‘Dead in the water’. Actually I call it White Work. You heard it hear first! But, let's face it, if anyone wanted another Game of Thrones a) I wouldn't be a natural fit and b) they probably wouldn't want it dialled down now would they? I ask you!

I saw a quizz on FaceBook today, and I saw the sort of people who have taken it and the results they’ve got. It’s called “What Career Should You Actually Have?”

I took a quizz on FaceBook.

It told me what career I should actually have. 

Go figure.
  • I got Writer! What Career Should You Actually Have?
    You are a maker. Creative from the day you were born, you spend most of your time thinking about the world you live in. You are open to new ideas and value beauty and originality more than most. We both know you’re not really the office type, so give yourself some room to create. Other occupations: director, producer, advertiser.

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