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Monday 23 April 2012

The Blog in which Kieron Gillen gets me Drunk

You all know that the husband writes comic books, right?

Well, you do now.
As a result of his work in this particular area, the husband has been known to attend a comic convention from time to time, and I’m sure you can all conjure up images of what they must be like. You’d be wrong, of course.
Our local comic shop, The Grinning Demon, recently began putting on its own convention called Demoncon. It began in the caff around the corner, but Demoncon 3, which happened yesterday, filled several rooms at the local theatre complex. People turned up in impressive numbers, and there was even a wrestling display. It was cool.
I generally don’t go to comic book conventions. It’s not really my cup of tea, and there’s a lot about comics, especially American comics, that I’m not familiar with or don’t understand. Besides, Dan’s sometime writing partner (and inker), Andy Lanning, is his regular companion to these things. 
Yesterday, however, I went along for the ride. It was a Sunday and Demoncon happens in our home town, so I thought, ‘What the heck!’
I’m very glad I went.
I watched artists work, and bought some art. I took part in an auction. I watched some wrestling, standing mere feet from the ring, and I talked to people. It was cool.
The really cool stuff happened in the bar afterwards, though, and some of that was because of Mr Kieron Gillen.
I had not met Kieron before, although, his reputation precedes him, in the nicest way, and he’s regarded as a bit of a talent. He won me over immediately by handing me copies of his comic, “Phonogram”, drawn by Jamie McKelvie. I read a few pages, and was hooked immediately. It is clever and funny and grown-up, and there are no men in tights in it... Not in the superhero sense, anyway. (Of course, if you want cosmic superheroes check out issue 0 of Dan Abnett', Andy Lanning' and Brad Walker's "Hypernaturals", free on free comic book day).
Kieron talks fast and intelligently on a wide range of subjects. He’s happy in his work, and has sufficient humility to  keep him comfortably this side of arse-ish. He’s married to the poet Chrissy Williams, for heaven’s sake. Perhaps the nicest thing about him, though, was that he wasn’t afraid of the heated exchange that I offered him, or of telling me, very politely, but firmly to shut up and let him talk. The husband watched in quiet amusement. Comic book artist Ian Churchill and his wife Sasha were also at the table. It was Ian’s birthday (Happy Birthday again), and they laughed their pants off. 
OK, the truth is, I was a little in my cups, and when that happens, I tend not to censor what I say... I’m sure those who know me have no trouble imagining the scene. I’d do it again, though. I had a good time, and I hope that Kieron did too.
Now, go read his work. I think you’ll like it.

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