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Wednesday 4 April 2012

So... About That Agent part v

I’d like to share, now, please.
The thing is, for the last several days, since last Thursday, in fact, and it is now, Tuesday, I’ve been writing two blogs  a day, and sometimes more, but I haven’t been posting them sequentially.
Here’s what I’ve actually been doing: I’ve been writing a blog to post, and then I’ve been writing about what I’d really be talking about and sharing with you, if I actually felt able to do that. So, I wrote this blog entry on the same day as I wrote, “Stop Whining and Write a Better Book”
I enjoyed writing that blog and it got quite a lot of attention. It is now early afternoon, the blog has been live for about five hours and I’ve had three hundred hits. That’s a good day for me. 
However, what I really want to say is that I’m dying here! 
What I really want to say is that keeping this secret, and I know it’s better for me, and for other people, and maybe even for you, for me to keep this secret for a while yet, but still... Keeping this secret is killing me.
I want to share my very good fortune with you. I’ve got a meeting with an agent, and I want to shout about it. I want to tell all you wonderful, talented, hardworking writers out there that it can happen, you can get noticed, and when your time comes, you will get noticed.
I also want to ask your advice. I want to ask what I should say, wear, say, be prepared for, say, bring with me by way of other work, and say. I want to hear your anecdotes and horror stories about first meetings with your own agents. I want... I want... I want!
You can’t blame me, can you? It is Tuesday and on Friday, I’m meeting an agent. I’d ask you to wish me luck, except that by the time you read this, I won’t need it any more, and all the love and support and advice will come too late. My bad, I suppose, for keeping this meeting a secret, for now, but if I didn’t, all hell might break lose, and we can’t have that now, can we?


  1. Just be yourself. No need for dress to impress. Your writing got you this far. So long as you're sane and professional, there's nowt to fret about.

  2. As you might remember, I got terribly wound up - it would be stupid to pretend this isn't a big chance to push your career a huge step on. I ranted and rambled (partly through my blog), talked about it until my husband was deaf in one ear, and by the time the day arrived I had talked it out and was quite calm (resigned to whatever happened!). Your book is the thing that's the focus, not really you. I suspect they want to know how flexible and responsive you are, and how productive. That's the focus for the interview - the book. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it after Friday!

  3. this is becoming more like Star Wars everyday heh. write and release them in any order you want! like a good fanboy, I'll eat it all up, then kick Mr. Bumble in the nads and grab two more bowlfuls :D!

  4. Just listening with all your attention and think that every advice it's just to get better your book, and more accessible to everybody out there who loves to read and want to read you . And... Very, very, VERY good luck! (You don't need it really, but I wish it to you anyway. ;) )