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Friday 6 April 2012

So... About That Agent part vii My Eve of Eves

Yes, I know that’s a dumb title, but I’m hoping that tomorrow will be my ‘Day of Days’, and, if it isn’t, I won’t get to use this title style. If it is, on the other hand, I get to foreshadow tomorrow’s title with today’s, building your anticipation. That’s what writers do, and, you know, it’s a win-win situation.

Tomorrow, I am off to the Big Smoke for a meeting with a lovely agent. I’ve been referring to the agent as ‘lovely’, because said agent has read “Naming Names”, and called it a ‘tour de force’. I know, I know, you’re thinking about that ‘however’ from the beginning of the second paragraph of that e-mail, but I can’t afford to join you, right now. Right now, on ‘My Eve of Eves’, I have to stay positive.
Today, I shall mostly be writing notes about the book. I’m going to try not to preempt anything that the agent might say. I’m going to try to consider what I’d like to do with the book, and decide where I think the edits will be.
You know what? It’s been a while since I read this book... It’s been a bloody long while since I read this book, and I’m not the sort of person who remembers stuff. Book titles, writers’ names, even whether I’ve actually read something or not can be lost in the black hole that is my memory. It’s the editor in me; when I move on to a new book, I like to be sure that the old one isn’t still lurking. I want to make no comparisons between texts. I want to treat each new book as if it is the only book in the world.
You’d think I’d have the advantage of having written this book, at least, but it turns out, it doesn’t work like that. “Naming Names” was very tough to write. I took an unflinching approach to a difficult subject, and, I hope, I got right to the heart of the thing. There were times when I didn’t want the book in my house, let alone in my head. It was a relief when it was over, and I didn’t have to think about it any more, didn’t have to immerse myself in the miserable existence of my protagonist.
I read the book again when I submitted it for the Mslexia Prize, but that was a year ago, more-or-less, and, have I mentioned that I tend not to remember the material I read?
I guess I’m going to spend ‘My Eve of Eves’ reading my own novel. I wonder if I’ll still like it. I hope I do, because I’m going to need my wits about me if I’m going to get through tomorrow successfully, and I do so want to impress that lovely agent.

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  1. you're probably already wowin' 'em, and broaching (hee hee) important stuff by now. either way ... *pom pom shaking action* ;)