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Saturday 21 April 2012

I Am Only Human!

There is no trick to writing a daily blog.
Let’s face it, I’ve always got something to say.
There might, however, be a wrinkle, and it might be one that it’d be worth my loyal reader(s) bearing in mind. Yes... I’m talking about you.
Here’s the thing: I AM ONLY HUMAN!
It’s true. I swear it.
The reason I’m telling you this is because, as a human person - as opposed to other sorts of persons - I am fallible... horribly, horribly fallible.
I will be inconsistent. I will contradict myself. I will tell you true stories that, while all being true, seem to contradict each other. 
I do not think the same things today that I thought yesterday, or will think tomorrow.
One of the wonders of the human condition, should you choose to explore and take advantage of it, is that we can change. With every day, with every interface, with every piece of work that passes, we can change. We can change our minds or our perspectives on things by reading and talking and being out in the World.
Those of you who know me at all will no doubt be scoffing at this blog about now. Yes, I am the woman with the biggest voice and the loudest opinion, and I always have been, but there is, I promise you, a reason for that. It is not because I’m rigid and will not change my mind. It is because I believe passionately, and I hope I always will, in certain fundamental ideas. 
Once the basic rights of people are taken care of, everything else is up for grabs. One day, you might persuade me to think that TS Eliot was a genius and not just a funny little pretentious man. One day you might persuade me that any quantity of water greater than a bathful isn’t essentially evil, (apart from the open sea, as long as I’m not expected to paddle). One day you might even persuade me that David Duchovny is good looking. I’m listening!
I haven’t read back through any of the blogs I’ve written in the past X number of days, and, as yet, no one’s pulled me up on anything, but trust me, it’s the inconsistencies you’ll start to come back for... eventually.
In the meantime, I'm making up my mind what to have for lunch. It might be the same as yesterday, or even tomorrow, but I can’t and I won’t guarantee it.

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