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Sunday 15 April 2012

On the Subject of being Snarky

I write a blog every day, and I have been doing so for 73 days; this is my 74th blog in 74 days. For a while, there, I wrote two blogs a day, so that I had a week’s worth in the virtual drawer, but, mostly, the husband brings me a cup of tea in bed, I check e-mails, write a  blog, and post it.
I like it this way. I like the immediacy of it. I like to write and post quickly, not least so that I don’t change my mind about what I’ve written. The husband thinks this is a bit mad, because I’m not much of a self-censor, and it’s a little bit risky. Perhaps, that’s part of the reason why I enjoy my method. In the end, the only person I’m exposing is myself. I’m not hurting anyone else, and, let’s face it, I’m not hurting myself for long. Today’s newspapers are tomorrow’s chip-papers... Except... you know... this is the web.
It doesn’t scare me much, because, and here’s the thing: YOU GUYS LIKE IT BETTER WHEN I’M SNARKY!
You’re all a little bit sadistic aren’t you? I wonder whether you like to watch me making an arse of myself? Or whether you think I’m right and you like to see, in someone else’s hand, the things you’d secretly like to say yourselves?
I don’t know.
I do know that I get about 4 times as many hits when I’m snarky as I do when I’m nice.
What you don’t seem to realise is that I’m always nice to someone! I am! I promise!
Take, for instance, “Stop Whining and Write a Better Book!” This is my most visited blog, and you’d think I was having a pop at people, but what I was actually doing was telling you all how much I respect hard work and talent.
Just so you know it’s not a fluke; take my second most read blog, “Self-Publishing”. You think I’m knocking wannabes and amateurs, but I’m actually bigging-up publishers, agents, artists, designers and all the amazingly talented people it takes to put a proper, beautiful book together.
If you like a good snark, I’ll give you one, and my most-read blogs are highlighted above, so they’re easy enough to find, but check out the sub-text and I think you’ll find a-whole-nother story.
Don’t you just love tmesis?

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  1. I honestly like all your blog posts. I think I've undertand everything you've been talkin about (or I'd like to think so), and I'm agree with you in so much of your points. So I encourage you to still posting in the way you most like and about everything you think that must be talked.


    P. S. -> I read EVERY ONE of your post. ;)