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Monday 2 April 2012

So... About that Agent part iii

“Shall we go shopping?” asked the daughter. “I could style you for your agent meeting.”

Oh dear. Here we go again.
I’d thought about what I’d be prepared to do and what I wouldn’t countenance with regard to edits of “Naming Names” in an attempt to actually secure representation from the lovely agent who wants to meet me. I’d thought about trying not to have too many opinions, and trying not to express them all over the place. I’d even checked the address of the agency and how I’d get there and whatnot.
I had not once thought about what I was going to wear.
I like clothes. I especially like good clothes, and I wear them. I love shoes, and I wear them, too. Not so much with the handbags, but I do have one that the husband bought me that I love and use all the time, and which holds my laptop, so nothing to worry about on that score. I thought I’d simply get up on the morning of the meeting and get dressed as I always do. 
Do I really need styling? REALLY?
I wear a lot of simple clothes and not much colour. Getting dressed isn’t an arduous exercise. My clothes make me look like me, no matter what I’m wearing. They all belong to one family... well, almost all. I’ve got dresses older than my grown-up children that I still love.
I had not thought about the image I project because I really have no one to impress. The person who has to look at me the most is the husband, and he loves clothes, too, and he gets them, so dressing isn’t a battle.
I’ll be appropriately dressed, I generally am, and I doubt that I’ll be under-dressed. I also suspect that the agent probably won’t care very much. I’m sure said agent is much more interested in how the book presents to the world than in what I’m going to look like on the obligatory jacket photo, besides, isn’t that what Photoshop is for?
Of course, if the Saturday Guardian or Sunday Times magazines ever want to interview me and a photo-shoot’s included, I’ll be more than happy to go along with a professional stylist’s choices, just so long as the photographer doesn’t expect me to jump in any of the pictures, or for that matter, smoulder.


  1. given that employers these days seem to have a penchant for looking prospective employees up on facebook (and in some cases asking for their passwords, silly sausages), I wonder if agents do too? (and thus end up here ...)

    I can just imagine them reading through the relevant blogs and having a wee lol. if it was me, and I had, I'd be tempted to have a lil' fun before I let the cat out of the bag.

    "so ... what do you plan to wear for your jacket photo, because THAT jacket ... well ..." *purses lips* ...


  2. Strangely, it was the thing I focused on when I was meeting an agent! Looking back, I wonder if it was because I couldn't control anything else about the meeting? I ended up dressing as if I was going for a job interview - because that's sort of what it is. Neat, nice jacket, hair under control (mine is long and tangles), clean shoes. I don't think she cared at all, but I felt better.

  3. "I think you should have massive, massive hair. Agents love that." said the fictional idiot stylist I just made up.

    Seriously, no useful style tips for meeting agents... If you ever are interviewed by the Sunday Times, I can probably help then:) What I *can* do is say best of luck - will keep my fingers crossed.

    1. Thanks Rebecca, sounds about right.

      Thanks, Will, that should do it.


  4. I know that this is an 'old' post. But I like your style, it's smart, it's casual and it's you. Your constantly changing hair colour does throw me though. I had to ask BenC if 'that woman sat next to Dan' was you. :)