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Nicola Vincent-Abnett
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Sunday 14 October 2012

It’s fine... I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

I thought I’d caught up... I honestly did.
We went to Canada, but you know that. 

We went to Canada. I broke a tooth, but the dentist in Canada was lovely; he fixed me up with some temporary composite and told me I’d need another gold crown when I got home, but he was quick and efficient, and not expensive, so that was fine. My eye swelled up, but dark glasses and good living sorted that out in a couple of days. I had a fabulous time bibbling on the Q&A panels I was invited to take part in, and I spent an amazing day in the mountains with Heike the hiker and her husband Erik, who I cannot recommend highly enough if you ever fancy spending time in bit of the Rocky Mountains that happens to be in Canada.

What I didn’t do in Canada was sleep.

OK, that’s not quite true. What I didn’t do in Canada was sleep enough. I did sleep. Not sleeping at all would have been virtually impossible; I was, after all, in Canada for six days, and I slept for a total of sixteen hours. Every morning, over breakfast, I was invited to give the guys a running total of hours spent unconscious, and every night the guys fervently wished me a good night’s sleep. Everyone was very kind and very sweet, but even over the weekend, at the event, I was virtually blink-sleeping, and that really isn’t good. I was in stupid-head mode. Thank heavens the Canadians are so damned relaxed and forgiving, because I have absolutely no idea of half of the things I said or did.

Then we travelled home and I didn’t sleep on the flight, either. I hoped I might, and I even took my lovely tranquiliser, but nothing, nada, zip, zilch... There was no sleep... none.

When we landed in the UK, I got through the day unpacking and doing laundry, catching up on  e-mails and doing bits and pieces for the daughter’s and the husband’s birthdays, and I went to bed at my usual UK time.


I woke up twelve hours later.

It was heaven! I felt like a human being again.

Three hours after that, I inadvertently took a two hour nap when I thought I was reading a book.

Then I slept another ten hours on Thursday night.

I had a three hour nap on Friday...

It’s now Sunday, and I slept another ten hours last night.

Either I’m five years old, all of a sudden, or I have jetlag that has lasted four days!

I guess I always was an all or nothing kinda girl; this is just one more of the very many things that proves it.


  1. As you get older it takes longer to recover from everything... I can't believe how quickly I bounced back from missing a nights sleep or six in my twenties.

  2. Ahhh sad that your experience of Canada was not better. Come to Jasper next time. People say the air altitude makes them more relaxed. All the best. Glad your back to your normal ways.