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Wednesday 17 October 2012

Musings on Writing

It crosses my mind that when I began this blog my manifesto was quite clear. I decided that I was going to write about writing with the addendum that there would also be posts about ‘other stuff’.

After a number of blogs about writing, after having a good deal to say about it because I was in the thick of a project that was coming to fruition, and the Mslexia competition, and tying down an agent, and whatnot, a good friend of mine said he thought the blog was more interesting when it was more personal, and I began to worry less about what I wrote about. I began to think that it was OK not to stick quite so religiously to the idea that all my readers wanted to read about was the writing, the words, the work.

Recently, I don’t seem to have written about the work at all. Yes, I did write about appearing on  a question and answer panel, which I suppose is related, and I wrote a blog about the husband’s next book, Dragon Frontier for Puffin, but the last time I wrote about the work was on September 28th when I mentioned the second round of edits for “Naming Names”.

I feel rather remiss in my duties. 

Right now, I am pitching. 

One way or another, I’ve got three or four ideas out there for consideration. I’m working with the husband on ideas for another co-write, which will involve space warriors of everyone’s very favourite kind. I’ve pitched my ideas for “The Winter Lamb” to the lovely agent, who’s going to call me for a conversation about the book next week with a view to getting started on it very soon, and I’ve got a pitch out for something that will remain under wraps because I’d hate to jinx it.

I’m also writing the most unlikely novel in the World... Or is it? I don’t know, but it’s a love story, of sorts, and I never thought I’d write one of those. The romance is mostly intellectual and there’s a lot of humour to be found in it, I hope, but it’s very far from cynical. Who knows... you might even like it.

Writing is a funny thing. 

Lots of writers specialise. Lots of writers like to write within certain parameters. Lots of writers write thrillers, or SF, or Fantasy, or Romance, or LF, or whatever it is that they like to write. 


I like to keep my options open. I like to write stories. In no particular order, the last  few things I wrote were a story about an elf, an SF novel (unpublished), “Naming Names”, which is general fiction, a cross genre Fantasy novel (unpublished), and a Romance. I like to be Nik Vincent one minute and Nicola Vincent-Abnett the next, and, who knows, down the line, maybe I’ll be Adelie High again, one day, or even Jesse Hargreave.

Anything’s possible, so watch this space.

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