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Wednesday 26 March 2014


Every so often the husband and I take a merry jaunt off to Leicester to see the dort. Sometimes it’s just for fun. Sometimes we deliver her back to college after she’s been home for a visit, and sometimes we go to watch her in a show. For whatever the reason we try to have a bit of fun, and we often stay over.

When we do, we generally end up with the dort, room service and a movie. That’s how we roll. We know how to live!

Last week we went to see the dort in a tenth anniversary show for the dance school that she attends on Sundays. She belongs to three dance troupes that do competitions and whatnot. She’s a busy thing. She dances five full days a week in college, and then does troupes on Sundays, add to that shows and competitions, and it never seems to end.

Anyway, we went off to watch the anniversary show. She had numbers with Influence, the all girl group, she had a gorgeous ballet routine, a musical theatre number and then of course there was Addict, who I also like to call The Magnificent Seven! Crikey those guys can dance! Ben, Ryan, André, Remy, Jen, Zoe and Lily, take a bow! You rocked!

Frozen the movie
Anyway, after enjoying the show, we chowed down on room service and watched Frozen! It was the dort’s choice. She was allowed.

I’m happy enough to watch animated movies. Nothing wrong with them, and some of them are quite brilliant: clever, funny and enthralling. This wasn’t one of those.

Frozen was a bit all over the place, if I’m honest.

I was interested to see the film, though, because it has caused a bit of a furoré.

The single biggest controversy is that it might be the ‘gayest’ movie ever made by Disney, and some religious types, including a Mormon mother and some Catholics have got quite hot under the collar about it all.

So... here goes: The main character, the ice princess, Elsa has no male suitors and she’s an outsider, so she must be a lesbian... obviously! The comedy character, the little snowman thinks he looks dashing in a tiara, so he must be a camp gay man... well of course he must! The protagonist Princess Anna has lots of boyfriends and doesn’t end up marrying, so So What? For heaven’s sake, have you met the blokes in this movie?

And love... As usual love is the saviour.

Just for once, thank heavens, the princess isn’t saved by some romantic notion about a lover’s kiss. Just for once the girl isn’t pathetic enough to be saved by some man... Well there go all the proper family values! 

I do hope you note the sarcasm in my tone.

For my money, the hint of feminism in the movie probably wasn’t a bad thing, though. The girls did it for themselves. Come to think of it, there was familial love, too. The sisters did it for each other.

This film is many imperfect things. I’m not entirely sure I was terribly keen on Elsa’s transformation scene. OK, maybe it was a sort of coming of age thing, but she didn’t have to end up in a strapless gown and high heels with tousled bed hair. Come to think of it, that isn’t everyone’s idea of a stereotypical lesbian look, either, for those conspiracy theorists who were straining to justify that conclusion. 

This shit baffles me. No five or ten year old girl... or any girl, or boy for that matter, is going to be magically transformed into a homosexual by any movie or book or by the evil liberal society that so many of these religious fanatics see all around them. In exactly the same way that no homosexual child is going to be straightened out by being spoon fed a cosy, patriarchal, nuclear family paradigm.

It’s nonsense.

Once and for all... People are not turned gay. People are gay.

A little boy sitting in one row in the movie theatre will be charmed by the snowman in the tiara at the very same time as a very similar boy sitting three rows behind him will think it’s yucky. The same is true for the girls. The boy who likes the tiara may or may not be gay. He might just like pretty things. The boy who thinks it’s yucky may or may not be gay. He might just not like pretty things.

When are we please going to get over all these stereotypes?

The people who rake over this stuff, looking for gay agendas or liberal ones - and there was even the suggestion of the promotion of bestiality in this movie - don’t fear for our children, they simply fear that they will cease to have control. They want us to live in fear... and of what?

They want us to live in fear of people falling in love and having relationships. They want us to fear sex. And they want it because they fear sex that they never have to have or see or hear about.

Never mind Disney, never mind the guys who actually made this film, it's the people who think loving, consensual sex is bad who might just be the ones with the agenda here. 

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